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Drug Price Resources

Increasing drug prices are harming tens of millions of Americans, but it can be difficult to get basic information and resources on the problem. Below are a number of helpful resources, groups dedicated to reducing prices, and general information. 

Facts & Information
Letters & Testimonies

March 2, 2020 Letter from National Council for Prescription Drug Programs to ​Alex M. Azar II, Secretary of Health and Human Services, on Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, HHS Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2021, and Notice Requirement for Non-Federal Governmental Plans

February 19, 2019 Letter from PhRMA to ​Alex M. Azar II, Secretary of Health and Human Services, on Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and HHS Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2020

March 1, 2019 Letter from the Alliance for Retired Americans, Consumer Action, Consumer Federation of America, Medicare Rights Center, National Consumers League, Patients for Affordable Drugs NOW, and U.S. PIRG to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in support of CMS call letter and measures to lower out of pocket costs for generic drugs


February 27, 2019 Letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Richard Neal and Rep. Rank Pallone about the urgency of taking action to lower prescription drug prices


December 3, 2018 Comments from Consumer Action, Consumer Reports, Patients for Affordable Drugs NOW, Public Citizen, and the U.S. PIRG Education Fund to the Food and Drug Administration, urging the FDA to ensure citizen petitions aren't abused by drug companies to block access to more affordable medicines


October 23, 2017 Letter from Consumer Action, Consumer Federation of America, Consumers Union, Families USA, Patients for Affordable Drugs, Public Citizen, US PIRG, and the Law Offices of David Balto to Chairwoman Maureen Ohlhausen and Commissioner Terrell McSweeny of the Federal Trade Commission, urging the FTC to investigate Allegeran's transfers of Restasis patents to the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe 


October 19th, 2017 Letter from Healthcare Providers, Public Health Experts, People of Faith, Consumers, Businesses, and Taxpayers to Senators Chuck Grassley, Dianne Feinstein, Mike Lee, and Amy Klobuchar urging investigation of Allergan's transfer of Restasis patents to the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe 


October 10th, 2017 Letter from Physicians, Healthcare Providers, and Companies to House Speaker Paul Ryan, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer urging investigation of Allergan's transfer of Restasis patents to the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe 


September 27, 2017 Letter from Senators Margaret Hassan, Sherrod Brown, Robert Casey, and Richard Blumenthal to the Senate Judiciary Committee urging investigation of Allergan's transfer of Restasis patents to the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe

September 18, 2017 Letter from Consumer Action, Consumer Federation of America, Consumers Union, and Patients for Affordable Drugs to the Food and Drug Administration on the need to end abuses of the FDA's regulatory process that block access to generic drugs


August 17, 2017 Letters from Representatives Elijah Cummings and Peter Welch to Bayer Healthcare, Biogen, EMD Serono, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Sanofi Genzyme, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, and Roche Pharmaceuticals requesting information about the price increases of MS drugs


June 27, 2017 Letter from National Community Pharmacists Association to the Office of Management and Budget urging investigation of pharmacy benefit managers 


June 23, 2017 Letter from Senators Al Franken, Sheldon Whitehouse, Elizabeth Warren, Tom Udall, Jack Reed, Bernie Sanders, Margaret Hassan, and Sherrod Brown to President Donald Trump urging policies to reduce drug prices


June 21, 2017 Letter from Representatives Elijah Cummings and Peter Welch to President Donald Trump urging policies to reduce drug prices 


June 13, 2017 Testimony before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee on drug prices


June 12, 2017 Letter from Consumer Action urging the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee to investigate PBMs


May 16, 2017 Letter from Consumers Union, Consumer Federation of America, Consumer Action, Consumer Watchdog, and U.S. PIRG in support of the Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act of 2017 

May 15, 2017 Letter from Representatives in support of legislation reducing drug prices in context of UFAs

April 24, 2017 An Open Letter to Congress in Support of Legislation to Improve Access to Affordable Prescription Drugs 

February 14, 2017 Letter from Senators Chuck Grassley, John McCain, and Amy Klobuchar urging HHS importation of prescription drugs from Canada

December 20, 2016 Letter from Senators Sherrod Brown and Al Franken outlining steps to bring down prescription drug costs 

July 12, 2016 Letter from American Consumer Institute, Consumer Action, Consumer Watchdog, Public Citizen, and Taxpayers for Common Sense in support of the CREATES Act

July 14, 2015 Letter from Consumers Union, Consumer Watchdog, Consumer Federation of America, Community Catalyst, Consumer Action, U.S. PIRG, National Center for Health Research, and Public Citizen against generic drug manufacturer consolidation

Reports & Analyses

December 2017 Americans Say They Are Suffering as Drug Costs Continue to Rise by Consumer Reports


November 2017 PBM DIR Fees Costing Medicare and Beneficiaries: An Investigative White Paper on Background, Cost Impact, and Legal Issues by Frier Levitt


August 2017 Curbing Unfair Drug Prices: A Primer for States by the Yale Global Health Justice Partnership, the National Physicians Alliance, and the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut 


May 2017 Unaccountable Benefit Managers: Real Horror Stories of How PBMs Hurt Patient Care by the Community Oncology Alliance and the Community Oncology Pharmacy Association 


May 2017 Selective Transparency: Transparency Efforts Obscure Real Health Care Pricing Issues by the Institute for Policy Innovation 


May 8, 2017 Why Our Drugs Cost So Much by AARP

March 2017 Pharmacy Benefit Managers: Market Power and Lack of Transparency by the American Consumer Institute 


September 2016 Negotiation Plus: A Framework for Value Based Drug Negotiation by the Center for American Progress 

August 2016 Promoting Access to Affordable Prescription Drugs: Policy Analysis and Consumer Recommendations for State Policymakers, Consumer Advocates, and Healthcare Stakeholders


July 29, 2016 Is There A Cure for High Drug Prices? by Consumer Reports

September 2015 Enough is Enough: The Time Has Come to Address Sky-High Drug Prices by the Center for American Progress 


ITC Comcast Patent


Consumer Groups and Unions Submit Letter Expressing Concerns that Divestitures Won't Remedy Merger's Anticompetitive Effects - 2.18.2020


Consumer Groups and Unions Submit Letter in Support of Bill Regulating PBMs and Lowering Drug Prices - 12.16.2019


Manar Says PBM Bill Will Save Taxpayers Millions - 12.12.2019


House Votes to Give the Government the Power to Negotiate Drug Prices - 12.12.2019


Pelosi Drug Pricing Plan Would Save $456 Billion Over 10 Years: Analysis - 12.10.2019


Do Large Pharma Companies Provide Drug Development Innovation? Our Analysis Says No - 12.10.2019


Solicitor General Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Arkansas PBM Case - 12.6.2019


Rep. Schrader Introduces Bill to Increase Drug Price Transparency and Reduce Gaming - 12.5.2019


House to Vote on Pelosi Drug Pricing Bill Next Week - 12.5.2019


The Most Viable Drug Pricing Bill in Congress Is Getting A Makeover - 12.5.2019

Trump's Drug Importation Plan Faces Resistance in US, Canada - 12.1.2019


Ohio Accuses Drug Company of Overcharging for Prescriptions - 11.27.2019

Changes Coming to Grassley-Wyden Drug Bill - 11.22.2019


Pennsylvania House Passes Matzie Bill Making Pharmacy Benefit Managers' Practices More Transparent - 11.21.2019


Ohio Medicaid Still Hemorrhaging Money to Pharmacy Middlemen, Expert Testifies - 11.21.2019

'Hipster Antitrust' Might End the Megamerger Party - 11.19.2019


Top GOP Senator; Drug Pricing Action Unlikely Before End of Year - 11.19.2019


Booker and Sanders Propose a New Federal Agency to Set Drug Prices - 11.15.2019


Legal Challenges Against State PBM Laws May Culminate In Supreme Court Review - 11.14.2019 


Voters Say Congress  Needs to Curb Drug Prices, But Are Lawmakers Listening? - 11.11.2019


Ohio Lawmaker Proposes Sweeping Restrictions on Pharmacy Middlemen - 11.8.2019

House Vote on Pelosi Drug Pricing Plan Slips To November - 11.6.2019


White House and Pelosi Part Ways on Relief for Drug Prices - 11.5.2019


FDA's Proposed Rule on Drugs Lands At OMB - 11.4.2019


Drug Rebate Dollars Continue to Rise - 11.1.2019


House Democrats Clash Over Pelosi's Drug Pricing Bill - 10.30.2019


House Passes Spanberger Bill to Bring Transparency to Prescription Drug Negotiations - 10.29.2019

Independent Pharmacies Being Driven Out of Business By 'Predatory Middlemen' - 10.21.2019


It's Hard to Lower Drug Prices, If You Don't Know What They Are - 10.19.2019


As Pharmacies Dwindle, Multiple Counties Left in Prescription Drug Desert - 10.17.2019


Key House Committee Passes Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Sweeping Drug Pricing Bill - 10.17.2019


CBO Says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Drug Pricing Plan Saves Medicare $345 Billion Over Decade - 10.14.2019


California's New Transparency Law Reveals Steep Rise in Wholesale Drug Prices - 10.11.2019


2020 Democrats Embrace Aggressive Step on Drug Prices - 10.9.2019


Michigan Wants to Save $40 Million By Cutting PBMs Out of Medicaid - 10.8.2019


Buttigieg Unveils An Aggressive Plan for Lowering Drug Prices - 10.7.2019


Lower Drug Costs Now - 10.4.2019


Letter to FTC From Professor Michael Carrier Expressing Concerns About AbbVie-Allergan Merger - 10.3.2019


House Progressives Circulate Letter Seeking Changes to Pelosi Drug Pricing Bill - 9.30.2019


Political Tensions Escalate As Drug Pricing Bills Move Forward - 9.26.2019


Force Drug Companies to Lower Prices - 9.26.2019


You Might Be Surprised At How Far Americans Are Willing to Go Overthrow the Power of Big Pharma - 9.25.2019


Holding Pharmacy Benefit Managers Accountable is Crucial in Delaware - 9.24.2019


Medication Or Housing: Why Soaring Insulin Prices Are Killing Americans - 9.23.2019


Democrats' Drug Price Bill May Be Dead on Arrival - 9.20.2019


Pelosi's Drug Plan Would Let U.S. Negotiate Prices of 250 Medications - 9.19.2019


Lawmakers Ask FTC to Scrutinize Pharma Mergers Over Antitrust Concerns - 9.17.2019


Hey, FTC, Unions Say: AbbVie-Allergan Deal Needs Close Look After 'Anticompetitive' History - 9.13.2019


Consumer Groups, Unions Urge Caution on $63 Billion AbbVie Deal for Allergan - 9.12.2019


Consumer Groups, Unions Express Concerns

About AbbVie-Allergan Merger - 9.12.2019


Pelosi Energizes Battles to Lower Drug Prices - 9.10.2019


The Trump-Pelosi Mind Meld on Drug Costs - 9.9.2019


Congress' Fall To Do List: Guns, Spending, Drug Prices, Trade, Investigations - 9.9.2019


As Congress Considers Lowering Drug Costs, Pharma CEOs Target Key Senators With Campaign Cash - 9.3.2019


The $6 Million Drug Claim - 8.25.2019


Brand-name Drug Prices Rising At Slower Pace, Lower Amounts - 8.19.2019


Community Pharmacies Struggle to Stay Open - 8.17.2019


Cummings, Sanders Reopen 2014 Probe Into Generic Drug Price Fixing - 8.14.2019


The Window for Congress to Do Something on Drug Prices Won't Be Open Forever - 8.14.2019


Canadians Are Hopping Mad About Trump's Drug Importation Plan. Some of Them Are Trying to Stop It - 8.12.2019


Sens. Alexander and Murray Take a Bipartisan Step Forward on Drug Pricing - 8.7.2019


How Trump's Plan to Import Canadian Drugs Would Work - 8.6.2019


2020 Election Creates 'Perfect Storm' For Drug Price Reform By Year-End - 8.5.2019


Cancer Patients Are Being Denied Drugs, Even With Doctor Prescriptions and Good Insurance - 8.2.2019


Congress is Going After Drug Prices. Pharma CEOs Aren't Panicking, Yet - 8.2.2019


Trump Proposes Importing Medicines But He's Really Seeking a Quick Political Fix - 8.1.2019


A Massive U.S. Drug Price-Fixing Probe Has Hit Major Roadblocks - 7.30.2019


Blumenthal Provides Common Sense Solution to Drug Pricing Crisis - 7.30.2019


Proposed Senate Act Would Restrict Pharmacy Benefit Managers - 7.29.2019

Sens. Kennedy, Cassidy, Others Introduce Legislation to Cut Costs of Prescription Drugs - 7.25.2019


GOP Can't Agree on The Government's Role in Forcing Down Drug Prices - 7.25.2019


Senate Committee Advances Drug Price Bill But GOP Opposition Could Doom Effort - 7.25.2019


Summer Setbacks: The Long Road to Lower Drug Prices Hits Some Potholes - 7.24.2019


Kentucky Group Fighting to Stop Insulin Price Hikes - 7.23.2019


Senate Releases Bipartisan Proposal to Lower Seniors' Drug Prices - 7.23.2019


Senate Finance Pushes Ahead on Plan to Address High Drug Prices - 7.23.2019


Drug Price Transparency Prompts Fight Among Democrats - 7.22.2019


CVS-Aetna Merger: AHF Urges Court to Stop 800 Pound Gorilla - 7.21.2019


Protect At All Costs: How the Maker of the World's Bestselling Drug Keeps Prices Sky-High - 7.18.2019

Federal Judge Order Release of Dataset Showing Drug Industry's Role in Opioid Crisis - 7.16.2019

Kamala Harris's Plan to Reduce Prescription Drug Costs, Explained - 7.16.2019


Biden Puts Forth an Elaborate - And Aggressive - Plan To Lower Drug Prices - 7.15.2019


Are Prescription Drug Prices Going Down? - 7.15.2019


Pharmacy Benefit Managers Poised to Grab Money They've Already Paid to Ohio Pharmacists - 7.14.2019


Trump Drug Pricing Setbacks Put Pressure on Congress - 7.12.2019

Letter from Consumer Action and U.S. PIRG Opposing CVS-Aetna Merger - 7.12.2019


Trump Abandons Drug Pricing Proposal That Would Have Ended Certain Drug Rebates - 7.11.2019


President Trump Withdraws Plan to Eliminate Drug Price Rebates - 7.11.2019


Pharmaceutical Mergers and Megamergers Stifle Innovation - 7.10.2019


So Much for Trump's Rule About Drug Prices in TV Ads - 7.9.2019


GOP Senators Raise Concerns Over Potential Deal to Lower Drug Prices - 7.9.2019


Dispute Over Reining in Drug Middlemen Key in Ohio Budget Impasse - 7.8.2019


How Congress Can Make Solid Strides on Drug Pricing Reform - 7.6.2019


Minnesota Aims For More Transparency on Drug Prices - 7.6.2019


Trump Suggests Executive Action on Drug Prices, With a Scope That Is Unclear - 7.5.2019

Trump Craves Big Action on Drug Prices to Take to The Campaign Trail - 7.3.2019


Trump Fixates on Drug Prices As Campaign Looms - 7.2.2019


Maryland's Path to A Prescription Drug Affordability Board - 7.1.2019


Questions Surround the Role of Pharmacy Benefit Mangers In Driving Drug Prices - 6.28.2019

Senate Finance Leaders in Talks On Deal To Limit Drug Price Increases - 6.26.2019


It's a A Big Week For Debates About Drug Prices, Whether Pharma Likes It Or Not - 6.25.2019


We Can Work At State Level to Curb Prescription Drug Prices, Says Assemblywoman Hardy - 6.24.2019


Gov Mills to Sign 4 Bills to Reduce Medication Prices, Including Buying From Canada - 6.24.2019


The Health 202: White House is Reviewing a New Index to Cut Medicare Drug Spending - 6.21.2019


Drug Prices and Innovation - 6.20.2019


Grassley Announces Opposition to Key Trump Proposal To Lower Drug Prices - 6.19.2019


As the Price of Insulin Soars, Americans Caravan to Canada for Lifesaving Medicine - 6.16.2019


Drug Prices Are a Populist Campaign Issue. Here Are The Latest Proposals to Lower Costs - 6.16.2019


Lawmakers Fail to Override 4 Vetoes by Steve Bullock - 6.14.2019

We Either Buy Insulin Or We Die - 6.13.2019


House Progressives Challenge Drug Makers to Come Back to Capitol Hill - 6.12.2019


Senate Judiciary Committee Plans Markup Of Drug Pricing Bill This Month - 6.12.2019


Drug Plan Middlemen Under Scrutiny - 6.12.2019


Florida Governor Signs Bill for Foreign Drug Importation - 6.11.2019

CBO Analysis Doesn't Tell Full Story on HHS' Drug Pricing Reform - 6.10.2019


State Audit to Identify Users of Rx Managers; Senator Seeks Analysis, Study of Complaints - 6.8.2019


No End in Sight to Rising Drug Prices, Study Finds - 5.31.2019

Conflict Brews Over Fairness of High-Stakes CVs-Aetna Hearing - 5.30.2019

A $2.1 Million Drug Price Record is Made to Be Broken - 5.29.2019


Colorado Caps Insulin Co-Pays at $100 for Insured Residents - 5.24.2019

Federal Judge Wants Unrestrained Review of Proposed $69 Billion Merger of CVS, Aetna - 5.23.2019


To Slash Prices, Colorado Moves to Import Prescription Drugs - 5.21.2019

Senate Chairman Says Bipartisan Health Care Package Coming Thursday - 5.21.2019

House Lawmakers Question Whether Transparency Would Fix Drug Prices - 5.21.2019


Michael Bennet, Cory Gardner Fight to Bring Down Drug Prices - 5.20.2019


Collusion Over Drug Prices: Will Generic Manufacturers Pay? - 5.20.2019


How Big An Issue Is the Cost of Prescription Drugs? So Big That the 2019 Minnesota Legislature Actually Managed To Pass a A Bill Addressing It - 5.17.2019


FTC Must Tackle Anti-Competitive Drug Rebate Practices - 5.17.2019


House To Vote On Bills To Lower Drug Prices But Republicans Balk at Obamacare Protections - 5.16.2019


CMS Seeks to Limit 'Spread Pricing' by PBMs in Managed Care - 5.15.2019


Governor Vetoes New Regulations on Pharmacy Benefit Managers - 5.10.2019


The Prescription Pricing for the People Act - 5.10.2019


Comments Submitted in Support of CREATES Act on Behalf of Consumer Groups - 5.7.2019


Drug Industry Patents Go Under Senate Judiciary Committee's Microscope - 5.7.2019


House to Vote on Bills to Update FDA’s Purple and Orange Books This Week - 5.6.2019


A Bipartisan Congress Is Moving Quickly on Pharmacy Benefit Managers - 5.1.2019


House Democrats Introduce Moderate Medicare Expansion Plan - 5.1.2019


States Pursue Aggressive Drug Pricing Remedies; PBMs, Big Pharma in Crosshairs - 5.1.2019


Bipartisan Bill Introduced to Increase Transparency, Accountability In Drug Pricing - 4.30.2019


Democrats Search for Drug Pricing Agreement - 4.29.2019


Trump Needs Help from Pelosi To Notch A Big Pricing Win - 4.29.2019


Movement to Reform Pharmacy Middlemen Reaches A Boiling Point Nationwide - 4.29.2019

Testimony in Support of Maine Bill LD 1504, Which Would Regulate Pharmacy Benefit Managers and Lower Drug Prices - 4.24.2019


Specialty Drugs; The New Arena for Pharmacy Benefit Manager Profits - 4.23.2019


In Possible Blueprint for Other States, Ohio Attorney General Floats Proposal to Rein in PBMs - 4.22.2019


Meet the 7 Witnesses Lining Up to Testify Against CVS-Aetna Next Month - 4.22.2019


Time To End Pharmacy Benefit Manager Price Gouging - 4.20.2019


Letter to Hawaii Insurance Commissioner Colin Hayashida Urging Measures Against PBMs - 4.19.2019


Trial in CVS-Optum Secrecy Case Delayed Again - 4.19.2019


Cummings Accuses Republicans of Obstructing Drug Prices Investigation - 4.17.2019


Grassley, Wyden Ask HHS Watchdog to Investigate Middlemen 'Spread Pricing' - 4.10.2019


"I Don't Know How You People Sleep At Night": Visibly Irate Lawmakers Blast Lawmakers, PBMs Over Insulin Prices - 4.10.2019


House Energy and Commerce Committee Holds Hearing on Rising Insulin Prices - 4.10.2019


PBMs Sidestep the Senate's Tough Questions- But Lawmakers Hint At Legislation - 4.9.2019


Why I am Stockpiling Insulin In My Fridge - 4.9.2019


CVS, Cigna, Humana Blame Big Pharma at Senate Hearing for Skyrocketing Drug Prices - 4.9.2019


These Senators Received the Biggest Checks from CVS, Humana, and Other Pharmacy Benefit Managers Testifying Tuesday - 4.9.2019


This Week, Five Pharmacy 'Middlemen' Head to Capitol Hill's Hot Seat. Some of Them Have an Easier Defense Than Others - 4.8.2019


Oversight Republicans Accuse Cummings of Partisan Drug Pricing Probe - 4.5.2019


Federal Judge to Hear Witness Testimony in Review of Aetna and CVS Merger DOJ Approval - 4.5.2019


Powerful House Committee To Weigh Legislation Aimed At Shedding More Light On High Drug Prices - 4.4.2019


The Absurdly High Cost of Insulin, Explained - 4.3.2019


Key House Lawmakers Reach Bipartisan Deal to Advance Long-Stalled Drug Pricing Bill - 4.3.2019


Ohio Legislators Frustrated At Slow Pace of PBM Reforms - 4.3.2019


Grassley, Wyden Question Role Of Middlemen in Skyrocketing Insulin Prices - 4.2.2019


Why PBMs' Flawed Efforts to Stop Sensible Reform Won't Work This Time - 4.3.2019


Cigna's Express Scripts PBM to Cap Insulin Costs Amid Drug Price Scrutiny - 4.3.2019

Imported Canadian Prescription Drugs Set To Begin Selling in Florida - 3.28.2019

An HIV Treatment Cost Taxpayers Millions. The Government Patented It. But a Pharma Giant is Making Billions - 3.26.2019


White House and Pelosi's Staff In early Talks About Legislation To Cut High Drug Costs - 3.26.2019


Big Pharma's Go-To Defense of Soaring Drug Prices - 3.23.2019

Comments in Support of Minnesota Bill to Regulate PBMs - 3.26.2019


How Maine Is Battling Exorbitant Drug Prices - 3.23.2019


States Are Tackling America's Drug Pricing Problem - 3.23.2019


Kentucky Probes Pharmacy Benefit Managers For Allegedly Overcharging State Medicaid - 3.22.2019


Why Should Americans Be Grateful for $138 Insulin? Germans Get It for $55 - 3.21.2019


Partisan Squabbles Shadow Congress's Efforts to Lower Drug Prices - 3.20.2019


A Drug Pricing Mystery: Who's Behind All the Outrage Over Rebates? - 3.19.2019


Survey: About 1 in 10 Americans Rationing Medicine In Effort to Lower Costs - 3.19.2019

Floridians Could Soon Avoid Soaring U.S. Prescription Drug Prices - 3.18.2019

Comments in Support of Ohio Bill to Regulate Pharmacy Benefit Managers - 3.18.2019

House Energy and Commerce Committee Addresses Seven Bills to Improve Generic Competition - 3.13.2019

Key Senators Call Five Pharmacy Middlemen to Testify About Drug Prices - 3.12.2019


Senate Panel Asks CVS and Four Other Pharma Middlemen to Testify About Drug Prices - 3.12.2019


One GOP Senator Is Urging The Drug Industry To Make Good on Lowering Drug Prices - 3.6.2019


Treat Medicine Like Netflix Treats Shows - 3.5.2019


Liberal Groups Call On Dem Leaders to Go Bigger on Drug Pricing - 2.28.2019


Proposal to Regulate Pharmacy Benefit Mergers Passes Out of Senate - 2.27.2019


Congress Could Have Been Tougher on Drug Executives - 2.27.2019


Pharmaceutical Company CEOS Face Grilling in Senate Over High Drug Prices - 2.26.2019


US Asks Judge to Give Final Approval to Settlement With CVS to Buy Aetna - 2.26.2019


Senators Must Get to the Root of High Drug Prices - 2.25.2019


Kentucky Finds PBMs Are Benefiting From a Lucrative Profit Center - 2.21.2019


Yost Promises More Action Against Pharmacy Middlemen: 'They Took Our Money' - 2.20.2019


Drug Pricing Fight Centers on Insulin - 2.20.2019

Attorney General Dave Yost Seeking $16 Million Repayment From Pharmacy Middlemen OptumRx - 2.19.2019


Kentucky Medicaid Releases Report on Pharmacy Benefit Program - 2.19.2019


A Step Forward on Drug Prices Should Not Be Overlooked - 2.14.2019


Analyst: State's New Drug Setup Still Riddled With Loopholes - 2.10.2019


To Control Drug Prices, States May Have to Face off Against the Feds - 2.10.2019


Time To Remove Texas's Drug Middlemen - 2.10.2019


Dems Unveil Bill for Medicare To Negotiate Drug Prices - 2.7.2019


As Trump Calls on Congress to Lower Drug Prices, Some Democrats Cheer. Others Scoff. - 2.6.2019


PBMs Launch Counterattack Following Trump Administration's Plan to End Drug Rebates - 2.6.2019

Democrats Bat Away Trump's Olive Branch on Drug Pricing - 2.5.2019


Uncertainties Remain In Trump Rebate Plan - 2.4.2019


Testimony in Support of Montana's SB 71- Bill to Regulate Pharmacy Benefit Managers - 2.1.2019

DeWine Wants Crackdown On Pharmacy Middlemen, Managed Care Groups - 2.1.2019


Bill Goes After Middlemen In Effort To Lower Prescription Drug Prices In Montana - 2.1.2019


Trump Officials Move To Lower Drug Prices By Passing Rebates On To Patients - 1.31.2019


The Trump Administration Is Taking On Middleman That Inflate Drug Prices - 1.31.2019


CVS Bought Your Local Drugstore, Mail-Order Pharmacy and Health Insurer. What's Next, Your Hospital? - 1.31.2019


On Both Ends of Capitol, Both Parties Warn Big Pharma on Drug Prices - 1.29.2019


Comprehensive Reform to Lower Prescription Drug Prices - 1.29.2019


Drug-Pricing Policies Find New Momentum As 'A 2020 Thing' - 1.29.2019


Why Drug Prices Keep Going Up-And Why They Need to Come Down - 1.29.2019


Indian Tribe Joins Big Pharma At the Supreme Court, Defending a Lucrative Deal - 1.26.2019


Pharmacy Benefit Managers Marked Up Generic Drugs for NY Medicaid, But Where Did The Money Go? - 1.24.2019


Drug Middlemen Got Big Markup In New York, Pharmacists Say - 1.24.2019


Baker Outlines Steps to Lower Drug Prices - 1.24.2019


Looking to 2020, Democrats Take On Prescription Drug Prices - 1.24.2019

U.S. Insulin Costs Nearly Doubled From 2012 to 2016, Study Finds - 1.22.2019


Big Pharma Lobby Group Spent Record Amount As Reform Push Grows - 1.22.2019


Hill Drug Pricing Scrutiny Starts With Patients, Researchers - 1.22.2019


Maryland Could Become First State to Cap Prescription Drug Costs - 1.22.2019


Secret 'Rebate Trap' Strategy Blocks Patients from Buying Generic Drug - 1.18.2019

FDA Directs Dwindling Resources Toward Reviewing New Drugs - 1.17.2019


HHS Secretary Azar is Courting Capital Hill on Drug Prices - 1.17.2019


Dem Chairman Cummings Meets With Trump Health Chief To Discuss Drug Prices - 1.15.2019


Prescription Drug Pricing Strategy: Where Is the Money Going? - 1.14.2019


House Democrats Launch Drug Pricing Probe Into a Dozen Major Health-Care Companies - 1.14.2019


All Congress's Ideas for Bringing Down Prescription Drug Prices, Explained - 1.14.2019


Skoufis Targets Prescription Drug Pricing - 1.11.2019


As Congress Returns, Lawmakers Rush to Detail Drug Pricing Agendas - 1.9.2019

Pharmacist Fights for Livelihood, Drug Cost Transparency - 1.9.2019


Democrats Look to Unlikely Ally on Drug Pricing: Donald Trump - 1.4.2019


This Bottle of Pills Costs $20 in One State and $130 in Another - 1.4.2019


Drugmakers Raise Prices on Hundreds of Medicines - 1.1.2019


As Drug Prices Soar, Policymakers Eye Dose of Government Intervention - 12.20.2018


Judge Seeks Monitoring of CVS and Aetna During Antitrust Review - 12.18.2018


Warren Bill Would Get Feds Into Generic Drug Manufacturing - 12.17.2018

Consumer Groups Submit Comments Opposing CVS and Aetna Merger - 12.17.2018


DeWine Must Make Medicaid PBM Reform a Top Priority - 12.16.2018

Establishment Looks to Crush Liberals on Medicare For All - 12.10.2018

Investigation of Generic 'Cartel' Expands to 300 Drugs - 12.9.2018


Ohio Leads the Way As States Take On 'Pharmacy Benefit Manager' Middlemen - 12.7.2018


Merged CVS-Aetna Won't Extend Transparency, Competition Guarantees - 12.4.2018


U.S. Judge Concerned Over Government Nod for CVS Deal - 12.4.2018


Drug Rebate Walls Should Be Dismantled by the FTC's Antitrust Arm - 12.4.2018


FOIC Still Fighting for Disclosure of Insurance Acquisitions - 12.3.2018

A Return to 'Dollars and Sense' Antitrust Enforcement - 11.30.2018


Senator Jeff Merkley Targets Big Pharma With Bill to Lower Prescription Drug Prices - 11.29.2018


Attacking Monopoly Power Can Be Stunningly Good Politics, Survey Finds - 11.28.2018


CVS Creates New Health-Care Giant As $69 Billion Merger With Aetna Officially Closes - 11.28.2018


Chronically Ill, Traumatically Billed; The $123,000 Medicine for MS - 11.28.2018


Grassley's Move to Finance Committee Could Bolster Drug Price Efforts - 11.26.2018


Why Prescription Drug Prices Have Skyrocketed - 11.26.2018


America's Monopoly Problem, In One Chart - 11.26.2018

The Monopolization of America - 11.25.2018


More Americans Trust Democrats Than GOP to Lower Drug Prices - 11.21.2018


CVS Now Expects Aetna Acquisition to Close After Thanksgiving - 11.20.2018


The Bernie Sanders-Trump Mind Meld on Drug Costs - 11.20.2018


Axios Deep Dive on Drug Prices - 11.19.2018


Pfizer to Raise Prices on 41 Prescription Drugs Next Year Despite Pressure From Trump - 11.16.2018

More States, Including Pennsylvania, Are Taking on Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Demanding to See The Savings in Medicaid - 11.9.2018


Rep. Peter Welch on Drug Prices, the Potential for Bipartisan Action, and a Broken Market - 11.9.2018


House Election Results: Democrats Take Control - 11.7.2018


CVS Expects Deal With Aetna to Close By Thanksgiving - 11.6.2018


Prescription Drug Prices: A Bitter Pill in the Midterm Elections - 10.31.2018


Pharma's 'Come-to-Jesus' Moment: The Industry Braces for a Pelosi Speakership and Democrats' Drug Pricing Agenda - 10.30.2018


Abuse of U.S. Patent System Drives High Drug Prices - 10.27.2018


Trump Proposed to Lower Drug Prices By Basing Them on Other Countries' Costs - 10.25.2018


Claire McCaskill is Campaigning As Pharma's Sworn Enemy--And That's the Way She Wants It - 10.24.2018


State Regulators Probe CVS Drug Price Fluctuations - 10.23.2018


Oregon Health Experts Call for Transparency, Competition, State Action on Drug Pricing - 10.23.2018


Winter Is Coming': Companies Brace For Flurry of Investigations - 10.22.2018

Trump's Trade Deal Includes Major Win For Pharma - 10.2.2018


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