In case You Missed it...

recordings and presentation from webinar can be found below

On June 24th 2020 we held an informative webinar on rebate walls. Watch it above.

Presentation Slides.

Professor Robin Feldman

Showcases conditional volume-based rebates create perverse incentives to increase prices and how the clawback nature of the rebate contracts construct a rebate wall. 

Dr. Madelaine Feldman

Explains how rebate walls effect patients and reduce their choices as well as immunology space and just how difficult it is for patients to get the medicine they need. 

Steven Newmark

Speaks to the difficulty of switching drugs and the reality that a prescribing physicians faces when choosing between drug A and B.

Jennifer Snow 

Provides viewpoints on potential for regulatory/policy/legislative solutions.

Holly Vedova

Provides insight to legal aspects:

While rebates sounds like lower discounted prices, what we are talking about here is exclusionary behavior.